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Re: Wait Till Next Year

By on 10.11.05 | 11:08AM

My day-to-day life keeps me too busy to follow baseball very closely during the regular season, but come playoff time I become a raving fanatic. This weekend I completely lost myself in the Yankees-Angels series, paying no attention whatsoever to Sunday shows, etc, and I feel so much the better for it.

Anyway, per Wlady's earlier post, I think the Yankees have a lot to be proud of. They had unusually difficult moments this season and to wind it up by going five in the playoffs against a team as fine-tuned as the current Angels lineup is solid. You simply don't find better baseball than that which was played by those two teams during this series -- particularly the last three games. As a fan of both the Angels (I grew up there) and the Yankees (I ended up there), I remained neutral over the last week and just enjoyed the games. Since the California Angels have now prevailed (I simply refuse to call them the ridiculous "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" and so should you), I'm up for some wagering. There's still a lot to be excited about...

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