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Keyes Defeated

By on 4.26.08 | 11:48AM

That's a more familiar headline. Alan Keyes was handily defeated in his quest for the Constitution Party presidential nomination, losing to lesser known Chuck Baldwin by about 74 percent to 24 percent with three other candidates getting the rest. I don't have the official numbers in front of me, but it looks like the only state delegations Keyes carried were Alaska, California, and Maryland. Keyes and Baldwin split Illinois. Keyes had seemed to be gaining ground, but yesterday party leaders like Howard Phillips pushed back hard against Keyes's foreign-policy views and other disagreements with the party platform.

UPDATE: It looks like Keyes also narrowly carried the Oklahoma state delegation. Here are the official numbers:

Riekse 4.5
Baldwin 383.8
Ducey 1
Imperato 1
Keyes 125.7

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