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Re: Hell’s Angel

By on 10.11.05 | 10:59AM

So typical of the Prowler to throw at someone's head when his back is turned. Now I know how aides and congressmen alike must feel after sampling his/her sucker punches. But, please, to suggest that the excellent Scioscia somehow insulted the mediocre Frank Robinson earlier this year is beyond comprehension. Frank has been a baseball hood for as long as I can remember. The Cincinnati Reds gave him away to Baltimore forty some years ago, perhaps because they couldn't trust a guy who'd been arrested for carrying a concealed .25 caliber pistol into a restaurant. What was he doing, auditioning for a role in The Godfather? His teams remain class acts. "Mike Scioscia, to me, is a piece of garbage," his star player Jose Guillen spewed after Scioscia stood up to Robinson's bullying. Last month Guillen was saying pretty much the same thing about Robinson after getting benched. The Prowler can keep Frank and Jose Guillen. I'll even throw in Cristian Guzman. Meanwhile, I'll stick with Mike and Adam Kennedy, Garret Anderson and Vladimir Guerrero, plus the Molina brothers.

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