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Great Anti-“Card Check” Ad

By on 4.25.08 | 3:33PM

Last year, I wrote about how the Orwellian named "Employee Free Choice Act" would make it easier for organized labor to coerce workers into unionizing by denying employees the right to a secret ballot election. Thus far, Republicans have been able to block the measure, but this is at the top of the agenda for big labor should Democrats retake Congress and capture the White House. Go to any Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton event where the issue of unions comes up (or where there is a significant union presence in the room), and they will vow to make it law. The "card check" bill is a rather obscure issue that is really important to progressives, but that the rest of the country isn't very aware of. The more public the debate is on this issue, the better, because it is a patently undemocratic measure that shows how in bed Democrats are with union bosses. They should not be allowed to slip this one through the goalie.

Via RedState, I find this ad from Coalition for a Democratic Workplace that does a great job of exposing the dangers of this law:

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