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By on 4.24.08 | 10:21AM

Quin, you mentioned Tiger Woods in passing. Tiger does swear rather offensively at bad shots. Early in his career, in interviews, he would described himself as being "pi**ed off" about something. Somebody got to him -- 21-year-old that he was -- and told him that was swearing and he shouldn't do it. He has replaced it with "ticked off" -- in interviews. On course, he's still quite blue-mouthed at times.

An older generation of players was rather sternly instructed by Dads not to swear on course. "Davis! Gol-lee!" I once heard Davis Love III berate himself.

Beside the point. The DVR has made any enforcement of a "family hour" just about useless. People look ahead and develop their own TV schedule. Kids prove to be especially adept at this technology.

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