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“Alberto Gonzales in a Dress”

By on 10.11.05 | 7:39AM

That's what Polipundit calls Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers as he (/she?) switches positions and calls for her defeat.

The holiday weekend didn't cool the nomination storm. It's only grown. Now more and more clear headed conservatives (a category which doesn't include Pat Buchanan or George Will) are calling for Miers' defeat in the Senate. Do the math. Half of the GOP caucus is doubtful, the Washington Times reported yesterday. And while the abortion lobby is holding fire, as soon as Miers clams up the Angry Left will pressure Senate Democrats not to confirm. Desirable or not, the rejection of Harriet Miers appears more likely by the day. As James Taranto wrote yesterday, "Anyone still think she's a shoo-in?" The White House's best hope for Miers may be indictments from Patrick Fitzgerald, which could distract the press and the left long in enough to slip her in. That's a high price to pay.

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