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By on 10.11.05 | 2:13AM

What's Maureen Dowd doing in the Washington Post, unleashing her paranoia for our entertainment pleasure? Here's her latest on the Harriet business:

I'm betting that she's no David Souter -- that she quickly signs up with the Scalia-Thomas fringe, even if she lacks Antonin Scalia's right-wing erudition or Clarence Thomas's persecution complex. They'll be like a middle-aged Mod Squad, a trio of groovy avengers fighting for truth, justice and the American Way circa 1805.

Oops, my bad. It wasn't Mo at all. On rechecking I see its by the Post's own Eugene Robinson. Only goes to show there's more than one good columnist on the left.

Robinson is quite a catch himself. In line for a top editing position at his paper, he was cynically passed over and given his own column as a consolation booby prize. He's been laughing through his pain ever since. Just the other week he expressed "schadenfreude" at Tom DeLay's indictment. Even said he wanted to see the guy do time. Misery loves company, it would seem.

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