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The Heat Is On

By on 4.21.08 | 1:47PM

Hillary Clinton makes her closing argument in this ad, which boasts that she can handle a hot kitchen. In a conference call with reporters earlier today, the Clinton campaign insisted that this was a positive message, even though at a townhall meeting I attended on Friday, she was using the same Harry Truman line to mock Obama for whining about tough debate questions.

The Clinton campaign spent most of the conference call pre-spinning the Pennsylvania primary results. While Obama sympathizers are saying she needs a double digit win to remain in the race, the Clinton team counters that Obama has significantly outspent them in Pennsylvania, and thus any victory by Clinton would raise doubts about his ability to win big swing states and appeal to working class voters.

In a sense, both campaigns are right. Unless she has a huge win, the delegate math will be become even more daunting for Clinton, and her chances of winning the popular vote even more remote. However, it is worth noting that typically, when one candidate is seen as the likely nominee, the party tends to rally around that candidate. The fact that Obama is in a position to lose a large state that he poured a lot of resources into suggests that there is still significant resistance to Obama among an important segement of the Democratic coalition, even as news reports continue to identify him as the all but certain nominee.

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