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By on 4.17.08 | 2:53PM

HAVERFORD -- Hillary Clinton is in the midst of explaining a raft of "family friendly" proposals, which is representative of a broader strategy by Democrats to win over voters who traditonally vote Republican on social issues.

Clinton said she wants to work toward a society in which, "we don't just talk about family values, but we really value familes."

She proposes a $3,000 caregiving tax credit, extending family leave by 13 million additional workers, a Paycheck Fairness Act to get toward equal pay for women, seven guaranteed sick days for every worker, and increased funding for child care.

Missing was any mention of a price tag.

Clinton, I must say, seems much more relaxed and at peace with herself these days than she has in most of her appearances that I've seen. Over the course of the campaign, I've seen her weary, angry, and in full robot mode. But never so laid back.

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