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Another Virginia Debate

By on 10.10.05 | 5:34PM

I didn't trek down to Richmond for the final debate in the Old Dominion's gubernatorial race. And it was unavailable on my TV last night. However, AmSpecBlog brings you the next best (maybe better?) thing: the Commonwealth Conservative's wrap.

He calls it a win for Kilgore, with fine substantial reasons (unlike the grasping-at-straws talking points email I received from the Kaine folks this morning), concluding: "'Governor Kilgore.' Get used to it." You'll also find a comprehensive summary of what all the Virginia blogs are saying and links to the MSM stories.

Also, Kilgore spokesman Tucker Martin emailed immediately last night, "We are thrilled with how tonight went." No surprises, but there you have it.

I must say, the post-debate spin from the Kaine people is odd. Besides the flurry of "Debate Fact Sheets" during the actual contest, the only other press release today is trying to make Jerry Kilgore's abortion position a sticking point... portraying him as too pro-life. Too pro-life for Virginia? If anything, Kilgore's already fairly exposed on the abortion issue, refusing to promise that he would sign any sort of abortion ban if Roe v. Wade were overturned. A pretty moot point, but it's best not to give the base reasons to doubt you (see Miers, Harriet). With this tactic, the Kaine camp is clearly trying to corner Northern Virginia pro-choice moderates. Yet they were already luke warm for Kilgore. Without harping on Kilgore's pro-life record, the media could turn Southwest Virginia luke warm with the abortion issue. Thanks to the Kaine folks, instead of two luke warm constituencies, you're likely left with one.

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