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Reid Promises Judge Movement

By on 4.15.08 | 6:49PM

Sens. Specter, Hatch and McConnell have been working hard to force the judicial nominee issue to a head, and today they had a bit of success. Majority Leader Harry Reid just said on the floor, repeatedly, that he intends to do everything he can to get floor votes for three (and, he said, perhaps more) circuit court nominees before the Memorial Day break.

Sen. McConnell seemed mildly happy, but repeatedly tried to press Reid about WHICH particular nominees would be moved. He seemed insistent that Matthews and Conrad, from South and North Carolina, respectively, be moved. FOr what it's worth, I would concur that Conrad should be absolutely a key to any agreement, because the seat has been open so long and because his qualifications are so superb. Similarly, Peter Keisler, for hte DC Circuit, ought to be part of any deal, even though McConnell did not mention him. Both the LA Times and the Wash Post have editorialized strongly and repeatedly for Keisler, because he is one of the few people that objective conservatives and liberals can agree is manifestly, perfectly suited for the bench.

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