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New Anti-Israel Lobby Opens For Business

By on 4.15.08 | 4:50PM

The left is buzzing about a new lobbying group called "J Street" that professes to be a "true" pro-Israel lobbying group that reflects the opinions of liberal Jews. It hopes to provide a counterbalance to AIPAC.

Noah Pollak has details from the group's conference call, including this tidbit:

J Street places near the top of its list of supporters someone named Avram Burg, who may not ring a bell to many Americans, but who is notorious in Israel. Burg advocates, among other things, the dissolution of Israel as a Jewish state; recommends that Israeli parents secure foreign passports for their children; and compares Israel today to late 1930's Germany. When asked during the call why someone like Burg is affiliated with J Street, the group's proprietors downplayed and misrepresented the man's radicalism. It is difficult to imagine how the J Streeters believe their organization will be taken seriously as a pro-Israel lobby at the same time they advertise the endorsement of a figure like Avram Burg.

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