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Re: Obama, Moral Coward

By on 4.11.08 | 3:20PM

"He's a private citizen. It's not my place to discuss who he shouldn't meet with."

Of course, Obama doesn't have similar principles when it comes to, say, telling actual private citizens what percentage of their incomes he deems necessary to seize or what private sector corporations pay their CEOs or what rules parents should set around the house.

No, Obama only happens to grow a privaacy conscience when he's refusing to take a stand on an absurdly self-righteous ex-president--who many of us, incidentally, wish actually would behave as a private citizen--off to meet with a man who says things like, "Before Israel dies, it must be humiliated and degraded...Allah willing, we will make them lose their eyesight, we will make them lose their brains."

Geez. Sounds like Kahled Mash'al has gone a bit overboard with his own audacious hopes, not that it matters to Jimmy Carter, private citizen, or Barack Obama, respector of private citizens' meetings with terrorists. And so long as Carter doesn't take money from evil lobbyists, Barack Obama isn't going to judge a little pow-wow with Hamas. He's too busy deconstructing truly evil individuals, like Hillary Clinton--she once of Wal-Mart board!--and George W. Bush.

Tabin has it right.

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