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George Will’s Decorum

By on 10.9.05 | 7:53PM

So George Will, the arbiter of all things conservative, has weighed in on Rep. Tom Tancredo and, through him, the immigration issue looming over the Republican Party. So how does Will treat immigration and Tancredo seriously? He implies that the immigrant's grandson is a hypocrite and treats him as the loose cannon of the party. But the kicker, the real smear, the final sentence shows all of Will's cards: "So Republicans may have found their Al Sharpton, a candidate who simply has no interest in being decorous."

Excuse me? If Tancredo's the Republican Party's Al Sharpton, who's his Tawana Brawley? Will could have chosen many other undiplomatic Democrats (Howard Dean comes to mind), yet he chose Sharpton. George Will's not ignorant of Sharpton's racist past. Instead of having the gall to smear Tancredo openly, he slips it in at the buzzer. How lame.

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