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Cautionary Tale

By on 10.7.05 | 6:59PM

As the winds continue to howl against GWB from the right, may I offer a word of caution? Last night at the National Review 50th Michael Novak and I recalled similar periods of discontent from conservatives towards President Reagan. If I were to remind you of the provocations now, you might snicker, as they have drifted into the past and lost their sting -- but really we were worried about the President's friendliness with Gorby and moments of seemingly selling out to Big Government.

As for GWB he needs our help and our criticism. We can give both and not lose our virtue. By the way, at the honoring of Bill Buckley yesterday in the Old Executive Office Building the President appeared before a few hundred members of the conservative movement and surprised me. He looked hearty. He was sharp-witted and genial. Most importantly, he seemed vigorous and ready for the fray. I would not count him out or even down.

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