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It’s Electability, Stupid

By on 4.3.08 | 10:53AM

The Clinton campaign, in a conference call with reporters this morning, pounded the theme that Hillary Clinton was more electable in November than Barack Obama.

The political world is buzzing about an ABC report that Hillary Clinton herself privately told Bill Richardson that Obama couldn't win in the general election, but the Clinton campaign was not willing to go that far publicly.

"She's a better bet to win against John McCain," chief strategst Mark Penn said of Clinton's chances, while declining to say that Obama was unelectable.

Penn cited Clinton's strength with among the working and middle classes, Catholics, women, and Latino voters.

He also noted that, "It's hard to get to the presidency without Ohio and Florida," and that polls show her doing a lot better against McCain in those states.

Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson pointed to the First Read analysis of the electoral map, and argued that not only is she slightly ahead of Obama in electoral votes of states either firmly in her pocket or leaning her way, but she's much stronger in the toss-up states.

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