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RMS Hearts HRC

By on 3.31.08 | 5:20PM

Richard Mellon Scaife is praising Hillary Clinton now. As Daniel Radosh points out, this isn't a new development, but it's still pretty striking.

While every article about Scaife mentions that he gave TAS a lot of money in the 90s for the purpose of investigating the Clintons, it's usually forgotten why he ultimately withdrew all financial support: He was upset with a negative review of Christopher Ruddy's The Strange Death of Vincent Foster -- a review, that is to say, which rejected the conspiracy theory that the Clintons had Foster murdered. In other words, he thought The American Spectator was too soft on the Clintons. Now he thinks Hillary has "courage and confidence" along with "an impressive command of many of today's most pressing domestic and international issues." Go figure.

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