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Because we don’t START the argument

By on 3.27.08 | 6:38PM

It all depends on how you frame the issue. If we frame the issue as what we do with the money the CORPORATIONS are saving through the tax cut, then we say we will use some of the money to finance transition costs for any Social Security fix. Which part of the money? Only what the CORPORATIONS would be paying if they had to pay SS taxes on earnings about 500 Grand. It would be taking the corporations' money from their windfall to help finance Social Security. If you frame it not as punishing the corporate exec, but making use of the corporations' windfall, and you act as if the 6.9 percent comes entirely from the corporation (which is in one sense true), then you can do it.
Now, if moderate Dems know that personal accounts make sense but need a populist fig leaf, they can clamor about the evil execs all they want. Fine. I'll let them clamor if it helps me get their votes.

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