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By on 10.7.05 | 11:04AM

A couple of things on last night's National Review anniversary dinner. The overriding undercurrent during the cocktail hour and thereafter was a kind of simmering outrage at the Miers nomination, but a general sense that her confirmation was inevitable.

We got the feeling those impressions had not been tempered by the the interview Hugh Hewitt did with Sen. Sam Brownback late yesterday. Brownback's response, was, how do you say it? Devastating. This is a man who clearly is going to be prepared to have a nice "conversation" with the nominee during the hearing process.

That said, Miers is getting somewhat of a bad rap. For example, Sen. Pat Leahy's staff was up to its old tricks of leaking the Senator's conversation with Miers to the media, but wholly inaccurately. Why the White House had her meet with Leahy so early in the process is beyond us.

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