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Not Breaking News, but Good News

By on 3.26.08 | 5:55PM

I'm pleased to announce the publication of a new journal of Christian thought by Houston Baptist University. We call it The City. The journal is aimed at the educated layperson in the church. Advisory editors include Francis Beckwith (an occasional TAS contributor), Adam Bellow, Joseph Bottum, Hugh Hewitt, and Ramesh Ponnuru. Subscriptions are free. The link to subscribe (please do) is:

The first issue is available in limited numbers to those who sign up now. Our editor, Ben Domenech, has done a wonderful job. It is really quite beautiful and contains essays by Louis Markos, Robert Sloan, Joseph Knippenberg, Francis Beckwith, Ryan T. Anderson, and many others. The second issue will become available this summer.

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