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EUnuchs Strike Again

By on 10.7.05 | 9:49AM

According to the Guardian Newspaper, the EUnuchs have thrown in with such free speech protectors as Cuba and China to overturn American control of the internet. The UN has been trying to do this for about two years, and plans to implement new controls by agreement of the assembled diplomutts at a "world information society" summit to be held next month.

This is a non-trivial problem. Controlling the internet means controlling access to a primary outlet for free speech, the ability to provide some measure of protection from cyber-attack on industry, finance, and government computer systems. To put the UN or any other body in charge means submitting these key elements of our freedoms and our economy to those whose only interests are in limiting freedom of speech and attacking the economic structure that fuels democracy. Acquiescence to this -- which Guardian delights in saying is our only choice -- would be an historic mistake.

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