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Hillary’s Bosnia Fib And McCain

By on 3.25.08 | 5:16PM

Hillary Clinton's intricate lie about her perilous trip to a fortified U.S. air base in

Bosnia underscores her weaknesses in a general election. While this latest incident may be forgotten by the fall, it does show that any attempt she might make to demonstrate military expertise will only make her look silly. It's one thing to look silly on military matters when she's running against Barack Obama, but it would be simply devastating for her to get caught in a similar lie in a general election against John McCain, who actually has been shot at and who really has escaped death.

The Democratic race has boiled down to an change vs. experience contrast. The reason Obama is winning is that he has made a convincing case for himself as the change agent, while Clinton's Clinton's claims of vast experience have always been patently absurd.

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