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Same Old Hillary

By on 3.20.08 | 9:51AM

Hillary Clinton has staked her claim on the presidency by arguing that she was intimately involved in the important decisions made during her husband's administration. But the release of her schedules as first lady now confirm what sane people knew -- she was nowhere near the action when important foreign policy decisions were being made, and her domestic role was greatly scaled back after the health care debacle. There is, of course, one thing Hillary gained a lot of experience in during the 1990s -- secrecy. So it should come as no surprise to anybody who has been following the Clintons that the much hyped release of her schedules as first lady have become a farce, omitting her private calendar, and deleting key parts that would have been of interest to journalists and historians, and that might of been damaging to her politically. But it's the same old Clintonian tactics. Under public pressure, they make a minor concession in disclosure, fail to disclose pertinent details, but still congratulate themselves for an extraordinary act of transparency. "The release of these documents underscores President Clinton's efforts to encourage public access to the record of his Presidency," a campaign press release boasted yesterday. "Indeed, his representative encouraged the Archives to release significantly more information than required by the Presidential Records Act - and more than the Archives originally designated for release." As horrible as the thought is of Barack Obama becoming president, the prospect of the country being dragged through another four to eight years of the corruption, lies, coverups and arrogance we experienced during the Clinton years is even worse.

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