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Ignoring the President

By on 10.6.05 | 2:50PM

Coverage of the President's "major address" is the surest indication of the decline of the office, or at least of the deference the big boys now feel they must pay. None of the major broadcast networks carried it. Martha Stewart held forth unassailed on ABC. Even Fox's local, channel 5, ignored it. Some cable outfits carried it and Mr. Bush held forth up in a corner of the quadri-sected Bloomberg report.

What if he really did have something new to say? Ten new terror attempts, with three aimed at the U.S. but thwarted, is new. Now the scramble begins to find out what they were, when, etc.

It was not what he had to say, but what the big boys said by ignoring him, that makes news, ominous news.

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