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First They Came For The Bow Tie And I Said Nada

By on 3.17.08 | 3:50PM

Last week the dead-enders at Save Tucker, determined to rescue Tucker Carlson--definitely one of my favorite writers and television personalities--from what turned out to be an unavoidable cancellation, sent along an "action alert," which read in part:

MSNBC has chosen to become a propaganda machine for the far left. MSNBC Executive, Phil Griffin, is leading the ideological cleansing by canceling Tucker Carlson's show and banning major conservative commentators from the air so no one challenges Olbermann or Abrams.

Please email

Griffin at and tell him he is a jerk. Please email NBC President Jeff Zucker at and tell him canceling TUCKER was a mistake and that Phil Griffin is a left wing hit man who should be fired.

And then, finally:


Keep your emails constructive and respectful but let NBC know that MSNBC is off course if their goal is covering the political news.

Alas, I spent too much time trying to figure out the respectful, constructive way to call someone a left-wing hit-man jerk who should be fired and the whole thing got away from me.


Bonus Material: Tucker's farewell segment. Bow Tie Blues. My take on Tucker versus Stewart. Tucker's Ron Paul profile in the New Republic.You will be missed, Tucker! Come back full-time to the world of print!

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