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Jed, Dave

By on 10.6.05 | 2:10PM

Jed: Thanks. I'm just trying to call 'em as I see them, even if I do have a lot of horses in this race. Leadership is a hit or miss thing. But once so many on the right join in with the left to wash their hands of Bush, I think there could be no going back. And I also worry we ain't seen nothing yet, at least regarding Miers. While Bush and the right engage in civil war, the left sharpens its knives. For all it knows or cares, Miers is anti-abortion. Pro-life views will become synonymous with lack of qualifications. No Democrat will back her. The Collins-Snowe types may not either. Specter will flex his muscles. Lott will shake out further gazillions for Pascagoula relief. And too many others will be too demoralized to care, one way or another.

I see that Dave is hopeful the hearings will show Miers in calmer light. Can there be "more informed judgment" if minds are already made up?

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