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Bad Convert

By on 3.14.08 | 11:30AM

The Mamet "conversion" read to me as much more libertarian than conservative (see its final graph), but there nevertheless has been some pushback from that supposed hotbed of "Libertarian Dem" thought, DailyKos. (As Will Wilkinson wrote, Show Me the Libertarianism.) Be sure to scroll down to the end of the post so you can vote in a poll on why Mamet so betrayed all the is good and pure in the world.

The author, although rushed in his thinking/writing by an upcoming audition, seems to believe Mamet joined the dark side so he could play golf with Dennis Miller and visit Dick Cheney's ranch. Sound plausible? Um, not really. My guess is a guy who creates believable alternate realities purely through a genius for dialogue and cadence; who wrote/directed some of the best twisting, turning heist movies bar none; who explores in all of his work the complex, not always pretty intrigues of the human condition...such an artist was bound to not be forever satisfied by a movement that is so lockstep, predictable and, ultimately, justifies itself mostly by preening about how angelic its devotees are and how diabolic its enemies.

Now when do I get to play golf with Dennis Miller?

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