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Live From Spitzerville

By on 3.12.08 | 4:08PM

I was in the neighborhood, so I decided to stop by Eliot Spitzer's tony yellow brick apartment building on Fifth Ave., across from Central Park and adjacent to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. About a dozen photographers were huddled outside on a windy day in Manhattan, and a little after three Spitzer's wife Silda walked out of the building and was whisked away by a black SUV. She was prettier in person than on television, which made her husband's hooker habit slightly more perplexing to me. Spitzer himself has been holed up inside his luxury apartment since returning from his morning press conference, a journalist who has been staking out the place for the past few days told me. Apparently people have been visiting and bringing him food. Meanwhile, tourists passing by the building have been taking photos of themselves outside his residence as if it were just another sightseeing stop. Such is life for the former "Sheriff of Wall Street" and one-time rising star in the Democratic Party. A "steamroller" no more.

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