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The Speech Thing

By on 10.6.05 | 1:26PM

If there's no way to calm to storm over Miers, change the subject. No doubt many will say that apropos the President's speech to the National Endowment for Democracy this morning. But that's a cheap shot, given that, for one thing, the president's NED appearance was scheduled long ago. It also marked a return to Bush's number one reason for his presidency after 9/11. We'll see to what effect, i.e. who still is willing to his respect his vision and leadership in the War on Terror. It could turn out that some of his harshest critics on Miers will turn around to laude his remarks. At least, at NRO's Corner, John Podhoretz promises to do just that in his New York Post column tomorrow. But what about those less committed to the war in the first place?

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