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Provoking the IRS

By on 3.11.08 | 10:35AM

The blog UCC Truths is reporting this morning that the speech Illinois Senator Barack Obama delivered in his June 23, 2007 appearance before the United Church of Christ's General Synod has been excerpted for distribution as Obama campaign literature. The UCC, it was recently announced, is now under investigation by the IRS for Obama's appearance. Obama has steadfastly denied that he made a campaign speech at the Synod, in spite of direct quotes that show him making campaign promises on, among other things, health care. The literature, which UCC Truths has reproduced in living color, was used in the South Carolina primary, a primary Obama won. An edited version of the speech, "Answering the Call," is printed on the literature.

One has to wonder if there are people inside the Obama campaign and the UCC who are deliberately trying to irritate the IRS.

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