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IRS Grants UCC Extension

By on 3.10.08 | 6:37PM

The United Church of Christ says the IRS has granted the church a three-week extension to respond to the IRS's inquiry into events revolving around Obama's June 2007 appearance. The statement from the UCC said:

Even as the IRS continues its investigation, the Rev. John H. Thomas said the UCC will not shirk from its longstanding tradition of advocating for justice as a fundamental tenet of UCC faith and witness.

"When the church speaks out on issues of justice and peace it is continuing a prophetic witness rooted in the Bible and at the heart of the traditions in American church history that have shaped the United Church of Christ," Thomas said.

"Labeling this as partisan or political represents a profound misunderstanding of the moral responsibility of the church and its members to be involved in the great and pressing public issues of the day."

This is UCC-speak for "we intend to use collection dollars from conservatives in our pews to pursue our liberal politics, whether they like it or not. So buzz off."

Not likely.

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