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McCain For Segregation?

By on 10.6.05 | 11:29AM

That is, segregation Hawaiian style. Sen. John McCain supports S. 147, the Native Hawaiian Reorganization Act, or the "Akaka bill." Haven't heard of it? It would recognize native Hawaiians as an indigenous sovereign group, as with Indian tribes, thereby constitutionally permitting a race-based government in Hawaii.

TAS Politics columnist John Fund, who has been doing most of the heavy lifting against the Akaka bill, sees little good coming of it:

Creating a race-based government in Hawaii would create a dangerous precedent for groups in other states to also seek special status, whether they be African-Americans or Hispanics who believe that many of the Western states were illegitimately seized from Mexico and should be accorded a special status as an entity called Aztlan. The Akaka bill would carve out a path of racial balkanization that is fraught with constitutional peril and political mischief.

Catch yesterday's Washington Times editorial.

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