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Boeing, Boeing, Gone

By on 3.10.08 | 10:14AM

Over at National Review Online, David Freddoso shows himself to be one of the few people able to cut through Boeing's nonsense about how the new Air Force tanker deal is somehow a threat to American jobs or sovereignty. Short version: The Air Force made the right decision to give the contract to Northrup Grumman and EADS, to build the tanker in Mobile, AL (full disclosure: I lived in Mobile for eight years; but that takes nothing away from the facts of the case that overwhelmingly favor Northrup-G). And John McCain deserves credit for forcing the contract to be re-bid. Oh.... and the politicians yelling about this need to stifle themselves. (That last comment is mine, not Freddoso's.) Their demagoguery, if successful, would come at the expense of American taxpayers and would weaken American military efforts.

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