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Sandy in the Fast Lane

By on 10.6.05 | 8:51AM

Former Clinton national security advisor Sandy Berglar -- he of the famously overstuffed underwear, chock-full of top secret documents being smuggled out of the National Archives -- is charged with violating his federal probation by being charged with reckless driving on Route 66. Berglar was charged with doing 88 mph in a 55 zone. Reflecting on my recent purchase of a certified go-fast machine, a longtime friend and distinguished member of the Virginia Senate admonished me that if I were caught speeding at 80 mph or more, I could be sure of spending a night in whichever jail was handiest. So why is Berglar exempt from that rule? There are no reports of Sen. Clinton's reaction to Berglar's latest escapade. We should hope he continues on his current path at whatever speed he chooses. Now that Monica and Web Hubbell are long gone, Team Clinton needs a new mascot.

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