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Lies, Damned Lies, and Well, You Know …

By on 3.4.08 | 7:41PM


As a former Terry Bradshaw brand peanut butter eating child of the seventies, I went to look up Bradshaw's stats with the idea of rebutting you. It can't be done. You're right. But anybody who saw the man play in many big games can confidently say they saw a tough competitor and a leader who seemed to effortlessly connect with his big-play receivers when he needed to do it.

I suspect he could have had much more spectacular numbers working in a different offense and/or playing in a different era. I checked out some of the other stars from the seventies and found that their numbers look pitiful compared to the ones we see today. It's a different game. Of course, realizing that makes O.J.'s feat of breaking the 2,000 yard barrier in 14 games downright spooky. Ditto Namath's 4,000 yard passing season.

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