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Blacks Killing Black Babies

By on 10.5.05 | 9:33PM

Post Metro columnist Courtland Milloy caught my eye this morning on the Metro, but I forgot to mention it. He defends Bill Bennett's comments about aborting all black babies lowering crime. Nothing huge here -- other mainstream types have shown reason on this mini-kerfuffle.

But then he turns his pen on blacks. The left doesn't put up a fuss about incredible mismatch of the percentages of black women and black abortions (that's 13% versus 32%, respectively). Prior to Bennett's comments, that's not a "genocide," but business as usual in the District of Columbia, where half of all pregnancies end in abortion.

That is, until Bennett spoke of aborting "black babies," and suddenly those fetuses become precious pre-born black people who must be saved from the evil Dr. Bill.

It's just a different twist to the same old story. If the Ku Klux Klan were killing blacks the way blacks kill blacks, we'd be up in arms. If whites in blackface were filling the airways with degrading lyrics and minstrel shows, we'd at least shoot the TV and radio. But as along as it's just us acting a fool, who cares?

Blasphemy! But wait for it...

This is the consequence of our corrosive moral inconsistency: a dependence on the opposition of whites to give meaning and value to black life.

His words, not mine. But moral consistency would require equal outrage at abortion as for Bennett's comments. Sadly, most bloggers and pundits who waded fearlessly into this controversy have never done any such thing. Don't count on them to change.

To that end, we might welcome the controversy about abortion and black babies and the long-overdue focus it brings to the black womb -- home to hope unbound as well as unspeakable tragedy. Who is responsible for the protection and care of this amazing uterine environment, where the most wonderful fetal programming can occur just by having a loving husband kiss his pregnant wife?

Bennett? Sorry, he ain't in it.

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