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Can Miers Be Stopped?

By on 10.5.05 | 5:38PM

I'm not as down on George Will as Wlady, The Prowler, and George N., though I do agree that rooting for Wilkinson wasn't exactly a credibility-builder for Will. But I wonder how much conservative critiques of Miers even matter. So far, as the Prowler says below, there are six Republican Senators who might not support Miers. But how likely are Democrats to go along with a conservative revolt, knowing that the next nominee will probably be (by their lights) worse than Miers?

My big fear is that Miers will prove reliable on abortion but not on federalism. That could split the Social Right from the Judicial Right; the priorities of the pro-life movement and of Federalist Society-types won't necessarily line up as neatly as they do now if we can no longer count on an anti-Roe judge to be pretty good across the board. The results for the conservative movement would not be good. I'm left where I was yesterday: holding my breath and hoping Miers exceeds expectations.

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