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UCC Announces Lawyer in IRS Obama Matter

By on 3.4.08 | 7:59AM

The United Church of Christ has announced that Seth Waxman, Solicitor General in the Clinton Administration, will represent the church in its investigation by the IRS over Barack Obama's speech to the church's General Synod. Waxman is with the Washington firm of WilmerHale. The UCC has also announced that Waxman will not charge for its time, and therefore they would suspend -- for now -- an effort to fund a newly established "UCC Legal Fund." The Reverend John Thomas, the denomination's president, admitted that there will still be "other significant expenses" connected to the case and that he would "wait to determine" if additional funds will be needed. There will apparently not be any effort to refund the monies collected thus far, which now total $59,564, an increase of some $16,000 since Thomas sent an e-mail to church members last week. If "additional money" is needed, Thomas says the church will ensure "that the intent of our donors is honored."

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