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Trent Lott, Vote Counter

By on 10.5.05 | 2:53PM

You get the impression that Trent Lott's decision to withhold full support of Harriet Miers has a lot to do with his penchant for vote-counting.

Right now, with Lott, the boys from Georgia, Tom Coburn, Sam Brownback and Rick Santorum, you have six Republican Senators standing up and not fully endorsing the SCOTUS pick. We know that earlier this week there was real concern inside the White House about losing Republican support that Miers was starting out her confirmation process lacking 50 Republican votes.

Lott wasn't viewed as one of the six the White House was worried about, but Lott has never been one to do this White House or this President any favors.

Our guess is that in the end, Brownback and Coburn quickly fall in behind Miers after meeting with her. Lott will look to keep his "dear" friend Santorum out there on a limb with him, with perhaps a few others just to make some mischief.

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