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Obama and Israel

By on 2.25.08 | 4:15PM

Lynn Sweet highlights Barack Obama's attempts to reach out to Jewish leaders. He says his anti-semitic pastor, Jeremiah Wright, "is like an old uncle who sometimes will say things that I don't agree with. And I suspect there are some of the people in this room who have heard relatives say some things that they don't agree with, including, on occasion, directed at African Americans." Um, okay, but if the crazy racist uncle was my rabbi, I might find a new synagogue. Of Zbigniew Brzezinski, he says "I do not share his views with respect to Israel... He's not one of my key advisers." Great, but what about Samantha Power?

And let's not forget Obama's idiotic assertion that "one of the enemies we have to fight -- it's not just terrorists, it's not just Hezbollah, it's not just Hamas -- it's also cynicism." When it comes to Israel and the Palestinians, naivete is an enemy; cynicism is a prerequisite for clear thinking.

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