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Two Women Faint At Bill Clinton Rally in Ohio

By on 2.25.08 | 12:05AM

SPRINGFIELD, OH -- It's not just at Barack Obama events.

Two older women fainted at a Bill Clinton "Solutions for America" rally here on Sunday night, as several hundred people crammed into a YMCA gym and the room became hot. Both appeared to be okay after the incidents. One walked out of the room by herself, and the other was fully concsious as she was removed by paramedics in a stretcher.

The incidents, though unremarkable, are worth mentioning given the media upraor over the fact that people have been fainting at Obama events. In other words, when it gets crowded and hot in an enclosed space, people, especially older people, can faint. It doesn't mean the candidate who is speaking at the time is the Messiah.

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