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By on 10.4.05 | 10:08PM

The best philosophical/religious/political journal in the land, First Things, began a blog, "On the Square," last week. Rejoice and adjust bookmarks accordingly.

Fr. Neuhaus explains that it will allow for the timely comment that a monthly periodical makes especially difficult. And what a wonderfully honest caveat emptor:

Items in a monthly magazine have, if not the quality of timelessness, a longer shelf life. Plus, people don't get to talk back, which is fine with me. Except, of course, when they write to-the-point letters to the editor. In short, with this new feature I am not delivering myself to the torrent of endless chatter that is the imperious kingdom of the blog. ...

Finally, and continuing in the negative mode, I do not expect to be contributing to this feature every day. What my colleagues do is up to them. They are overflowing with ideas and are convinced that are so many things that everybody needs to know, and the sooner the better. So it may turn out that "On the Square" has new entries every day, or even several times a day.

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