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Now is the time for AmSpec Blog Readers

By on 2.15.08 | 9:04AM

(and all conservatives) to come to the aid of their party.

In response to the great outpouring of email I received after my first letter to Senator McCain regarding his relationship to conservatives, I'm soliciting additional reader suggestions for future correspondence with our inevitable, if irritable nominee.

What questions, observations or purgations would you address to our anointed one? Please keep them polite and pithy that we may show the good senator that the true soul of a conservative is an informed patriot, in love with the U.S. Constitution, and not the knuckle-dragging slug so often portrayed in the media that were formerly in his enthrall.

The best responses will be published in AmSpec's distinguished Reader Mail roll call and be used in my future columns to persuade Senator McCain that we are sincere in our opposition to some of his more liberal stances and firm in our belief that he will, as he said at CPAC, "seek the counsel of my fellow conservatives."

So I ask you, my fellows; step up and make your mark.

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