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Re: The Contrast…

By on 2.12.08 | 9:42PM

That's an excellent point, Philip. Truth is, it's a small room, not a large auditorium, and it was packed tight only when everyone was here. Obama has more star-power, definitely. The crowd here was fairly reserved, not incredibly excited. But then, no one was really surprised by the outcome.

But one thing worth noting is that Republicans aren't big rally-goers. Especially not on weeknights.

Oh what am I saying! The Republicans are doomed! They will be crushed by the thousand feet, swept in a sea of Change!

UPDATE: Oh, here's why he had such a huge crowd. He was in Madison, Wisconsin. College town. College town that didn't have several roads shut down and reopen in the last 4 hours. Of course he's going to draw a huge crowd -- it's the safest place on the planet for him.

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