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McCain’s speech

By on 2.12.08 | 9:38PM

This was clearly a preview of the talking points McCain is going to run against the Democrats. His speech focused on how he doesn't believe that government has all the answers, which is shocking, SHOCKING, to find out. But the real dig was at Obama, who was implicated in a not-so-veiled statement where McCain said he didn't come to this campaign as someone chosen for the nomination.

That's quite a contrast, come to think of it. For all Obama's talk about creating change, McCain will be a difficult opponent. Despite Obama's presence as a "revolutionary" candidate, his resume is thin, or as Rep. Tom Cole referred to it this morning, "thinner than Wendell Wilkie's." Meanwhile, McCain has been constantly pitched as an agent of change, a maverick, etc. To really do damage to McCain, Obama will have to unravel the well-established (mythical) view of McCain as a maverick. But doing so will have enough negativity that it could prove toxic for Obama.

By one friend's count, McCain said "my friends" 10 times. Yeah, he does that, doesn't he.

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