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Obama Inverts History

By on 2.10.08 | 9:48PM

As Yogi would say, if George Orwell were alive today he'd be rolling in his grave.

Speaking in Alexandria today, Obama scoffed at those who would criticize him for talking not just to our friends but also to our enemies.

Then, to support his point, he "quoted" President John F. Kennedy who "said" 'Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate'.

Perhaps the presumtive author of those words, Theodore Sorensen, who officially joined the Obama brain trust just this week, could send a torch out to Obama and clue him in that he has inverted the correct order of the two phrases, and thus inverted the meaning. Kennedy in his inauguaral address said: Let us never fear to negotiate, but let us never negotiate out of fear. A big difference.

For at least two decades, JFK's cold war hawkishness has been an uncomfortable truth for the "new" Democrats. Maybe Obama has figured out a solution: just give the speech backward - like playing the country/western LP backwards and the good ole boy gets back his woman, his house, and his dog.

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