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By on 10.4.05 | 9:26AM

President Bush does a newser at 10:30. We'll be there.

I'm sure he'll be asked about this. Not sure what to make of it. If Miers had no interest in the group's endorsement, why bother? The answers in themselves don't reveal much, beyond a sensibility that no one would appear to object to.

There is some pessimism about this nomination inside and outside the White House with current and former aides. But in the past 18 hours, the White House has done a good job of getting the right people talking about Miers. Given where we stood yesterday morning on this nomination, it's fair to say we've moved over to the supportive side of things. Will go into specifics later, but there is now a comfort zone with Miers that we didn't have a day ago.

This is the problem, however. This comfort zone is based entirely on personal relationships. Friends telling friends that Miers can be trusted, that she's solid. There is nothing more. And that is a huge problem for the White House right now.

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