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Passed Balls

By on 10.3.05 | 8:13PM

When I got to the office today I found a phone message left over from Friday asking who I was for this past weekend, New York or Boston. Neither, was my response. I was for Cleveland. As it happened, Cleveland lost its final key games and failed to qualify for baseball's playoffs. Boston won two of three to qualify. The Yankees, by winning just once, ended up division champions.

But wait a second. I check the final standings and they indicate New York and Boston ended with identical records. New York's won the eastern division by beating Boston more often than Boston beat it. What a rinky-dink rule. Senator McCain ought to hold a hearing.

And did you notice that Washington remains first in war, first in peace, and last in the...National League East? But otherwise it was a wondrous year for the local Nationals. They ended the season 81-81, a textbook case of gridlock. Vice President Cheney wasn't allowed to cast the deciding vote.

Prediction: Conservatives boycott Nationals' opener next year. Justice Harriet Miers throws out the first ball.

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