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White House Strategy

By on 10.3.05 | 2:01PM

In strategy meetings this morning, senior White House presidential advisers stressed to their staffs that the conservative anger they were hearing about regarding the Harriet Miers nomination to the Supreme Court would "dissipate" over the next 48 hours and everyone would soon realize the Miers confirmation was inevitable. "The impression is that people will be unhappy, but they won't actively oppose the nomination," says one attendee of a meeting. "They don't mind the anger, what makes them nervous is active opposition. Besides, they figure that the business lobby is going to do most of the heavy lifting just like they did on Roberts."

It may not work out that way. Already there are rumblings that a number of groups that quickly fell in line behind Roberts are preparing press releases that take much more of a hedge on Miers.

Already, too, there is increasing anger after Miers appeared so quickly with Sen. Harry Reid, who touted her qualifications, and Sen. Chuck Schumer cited conservative agitation as evidence that Miers must be a good pick.

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