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By on 10.3.05 | 1:40PM Hugh Hewitt, Leonard Leo of the Federalist Society and others, but the "Trust President Bush" line is getting old pretty fast. In discussions with folks on the Hill this morning, when asked about the "trust Bush" line for nominations such as Harriet Miers, the reply was almost always something along the lines of : "Trust which President Bush? The one who nominated Roberts or the one who signed the Transportation bill?

While the Bush White House was scrambling this morning to shore up support -- Federalist Society has endorsed, as has Jay Sekulow -- there was a growing sense of frustration among conservatives.

"We were lied to," says one Senate aide whose boss serves on the Judiciary Committee. "White House staff sat in my boss's office and told him that 'He'd be more than happy with the nominee.' That is not the case."

As well, there is now grumbling of Bush team insiders that the White House is doing some resume burnishing once again. Perhaps in an attempt to bring longtime Bush loyalists on board, the White House is touting Miers's role in the Bush v. Gore case. But lawyers involved in that case have no recollection of Miers playing a particularly important role.

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